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Lana Del Rey + Agami

As a present for the paper anniversary my husband bought tickets to see Lana Del Rey at the Aragon Ballroom and made dinner reservations at Agami.

For Dinner we ordered the Ocean Drive roll and the Red Dragon roll. For dessert we had red bean and green tea Mochi. I also had a St. Garmin cocktail… or maybe two.

After dinner we walked over to the Aragon Ballroom and found a line that wrapped around a few blocks. Since it was cold out we went into an Asian market and then found the Fat Cat bar to grab a drink and wait for the line to die down. The line however didn’t die down so we sucked it up and waited outside. Once we got inside we found a spot to stand and enjoyed Lana Del Rey’s concert.

Somehow throughout the night my phone’s camera got dirty… so the pictures are less then perfect… oh well!

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