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Florida Vacation

After finding out that Matt’s friends were getting married in Florida, Matt and I decided to take a few days for a vacation. When we booked our tickets before I switched jobs so I chose to work from home (or at least attempt to) while Matt and the guys went deep sea fishing.

On Friday we went to the Kennedy Space Center for the day! This is actually half the price per ticket compared to Disney or Universal. The Kennedy Space center was very knowledgeable and was surprisingly fun. We watched a quick film about the start to finish of putting Neil Armstrong on the moon. We then watched another short film about how the Atlantis was created which led into the original Atlantis hanging behind the projection screen. There was a bunch of interactive exhibits that test your ability to land a shuttle and use the robotic arm in space. And yes, to answer anyone’s question, Matt and I did go down the slide, it was fun!

After getting freshened up we went to a group dinner at the Chef’s Table. The restaurant featured Topas options. Matt and I split a bottle of red wine (after I had a glass of Rose), 3 mini beef wellingtons, squash filled raviolis (which did not survive long enough to get a picture of), and tuna.

On Saturday before the wedding we meet my aunt and uncle in Mount Dora for a craft show. I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when we agreed to go but it turns out it is the 4th largest craft show in the US. We ate lunch at Mexican place we found along the way and wondered the streets looking at all of the homemade goods and of course did some dog watching!

Saturday night we attended a beautiful wedding at the Sydonie Mansion. The grounds beauty makes up for the lack of air condition and it was the perfect wedding venue for the couple!

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