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Barbenheimer T-Shirt

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

What to wear when going to the Barbie and Oppenheimer movies all on the same day? Try this easy DIY project.

Inspo came from Fringe-Co, like how cute is this T-Shirt?!

What you'll need:



Iron on Vinyl

Iron/heat press

Barbie font


Seam riper


Thread/sewing machine

Vinyl Steps:

Type out your font, I used the barbie font from this website:

Cut the iron on vinyl out using a Cricut Maker or another cutting machine.

Position the vinyl on the T-Shirt.

Press with either a iron or a heat press.


Remove the sleeves from the T-shirt

Use the sleeve as a pattern and cut out the desired sleeve fabric.

Sew the side seam for the sleeves - Since I kept the black sleeve from the T-shirt, I sew all of the sleeve side seams separate look.

Pin the sleeves back onto the shirt and sew!

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