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Emily in Paris

Updated: Mar 27

My friend and I got together to watch Emily in Paris, and before anyone asks Yes! We've both watched it but are obsessed! To make this day even more magical, I made some French macarons with an Emily in Paris theme. We decorate berets using beads and ribbon. We enjoyed our Champére out of disco ball tumblers. After a few hours and a few glasses of Champére, I hopped on the train back to my suburban life.

The berets:

The ribbon/beads, were things I had around my house.

The Champére label was printed off onto a shipping label and cut to size.

The macaron templates are below! I used edible markers to draw on them.

  • Croissants

  • Eiffel Towers

  • Champagne Bottle

  • Berets - these are just normal circle macarons.

The tumblers are from Target's bullseye's playground, but you can find similar ones on Amazon.


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