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Skin Care Routine

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

"What is your skin care routine?" I get asked question this a lot, which always comes as a shock to me since my interest in beauty is a more recent trend. The honest answer is it's just a morning 2 step routine and at night it's just one step. I've been fortunate enough to have inherited clear and even skin tone from my parents. I also don't wear makeup on a daily basis and when I do wear makeup, I never wear foundation which I think helps keep my pores clean.

Morning routine:

My night time routine is:

I take my showers at night so I usually get my face wet in the shower and then will use a Makeup Eraser to remove any makeup that I'm wearing.

On Sunday nights I either do a face mask or under the eye patches. Both of these are random things I usually pick up at Ulta.

After the Sunday facemasks or just before bed on other nights I use the Aveeno

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