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Shakey Heart Placements!

I saw this idea on Pintrest and decided to make them for Valentine’s Day! I started by making a template from leftover poster board I had. Sadly, I didn’t leave enough room to make the tip of the heart, so I had to make sure I left enough room to cut the tip when placing the pattern on the plastic. Next, I cut out the plastic carefully around the pattern without using pins so there were no holes in the vinyl. I decided to use red thread when sewing the placemats to create a contrasting look. After threading the machine, sew about 75 percent of the heart and then stop to funnel the confetti into the center of the heart using a piece of paper. Once all of the confetti is in the center, sew the rest of the heart. I finished making the second placemat then I cut off the extra threads. Luckily I finish them to have my husbands and my traditional Burger King Valentine’s Day meal on them!

P.S. check your bobbin so you don’t run out of thread in the middle of the project like I did….

This project took me about an 45 minutes to make two hearts.

What you’ll need:

Clear plastic from Joann Fabrics


Paper to make a template


Paper to make a funnel

Sewing Machine


Confetti (I got mine from the Target craft section)

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