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DIY Personalized Tote Bag

I made these as a gift for my bridesmaids last year and had such a positive reaction to them, I decided to make them as gifts for people. My mom’s friend loved the bag so when her birthday was coming up I picked up a canvas and glitter tote bag from Target’s dollar spot to make her one!



Iron on foil

Weeding tools

Canvas tote bag (Mine was $5 from Target’s Valentine’s Day collection)



1. Write out what name you would like on the bag in Cricut design space and mirror the name since we are using iron on foil.

2. Cut the image out and get rid of the extra foil around the image (this is called weeding).

3. Place the design on your tote bag and iron the design.

4. After the bag has cooled down a bit remove the plastic from the foil.

5. Fill up the bag as a gift or keep it to use it for your library books.

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