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DIY Paper Mache Egg

My husband picked out this Alien stuffed animal for his nephew's first Christmas. Alien was his favorite moving growing up and wanted to share the experience. Of course when while we were watching for the stuffed animal to arrive we decided to watch Alien. This is where I got the idea that instead of gift warping this alien it needed to hatch out of a giant egg.


  • The biggest balloon you can find, I bought mine from Walmart.

  • Paper Mache mixture (flour + water)

  • Newspaper

  • Cardboard

  • Pencil

  • Poster board

  • Scissors

  • Hot glue + hot glue gun

  • Paint + paintbrush

  • Tape


  1. put down a layer of newspaper as this gets messy!

  2. Draw and cut out a circle that fits the gift, the alien stuffed animal came in a box so I just made sure the circle was bigger then that

  3. Cut a strip of cardboard and tape the ends together. This will make the opening for the stuffed animal to go into.

  4. Blow up the balloon and tie it off.

  5. Tape the ballon to the circle opening piece from step 3.

  6. Use cardboard or poster board strips to build on the balloon to get the desired egg shape.

  7. Cut out strips or rip strips of the newspaper

  8. Prep the flour and water mixture, I used a red solo cup that I had extra of.

  9. Paper mache the fixture until you are happy with the shape. Let dry over night.

  10. Once it's fully dry pop the balloon.

  11. Paint it what ever color you would like.

  12. Once the paint is dry, I added hot glue to make it look like it was gooey, just like the movie's egg.

  13. I but the Alien on the base circle from step 2 and then put the egg on top of it!

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