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Bridesmaid Dress Makeover

We all know when accepting a bridesmaid proposal the chances of wearing the dress are really slim. There are few options of what to do once the wedding celebrations are over.

  1. You can keep the dress in your closet, maybe one day a child in your life will want to play dress up.

  2. You can donate the dress.

  3. You can repurpose the dress, which is the option I choose.

I saw Pinterest pins where people turned their dresses in to a quilt for their future children or just home decor. I didn't have enough fabric for the quilt so I went for something with a more friendly face, stuffed animals.

For my BFF's little girl I went with a dragon. I was kind of sad to give this little buddy away but knowing my newest little BFF has something I made her was worth it!

For my in laws, I stuck with a Star Wars themed animal as it was part of this gift basket. This one was a bit more difficult since I had to dye the dress before creating a baby Yoda.

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