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Bacholrette Party

So this weekend I planned a bacholrette party in Nashville!

For the swag bags:

  1. Personalize bags – this is a MUST so everyone gets the right t-shirt! Created using paper bags from the Dollar Tree, Orcal Vinyl, and the Cricut.

  2. T-Shirts! The shirts were bought from Target when they had a buy two for a lower price deal. I used gold iron on vinyl and my cricut to DIY the shirts.

  3. Face whips – I got these both from Target.

  4. Kleenex – I found these in 6 packs from Target.

  5. Socks (We went to Pinewood Social for bowling and socks are a must!. These are were two packs from the Dollar Tree

  6. Two face masks – these are from Target.

  7. Gum – Our grocery store had a 10 for 10 sale.

  8. Srunchies (I made these so they would match the shirts as closely as possible).

  9. Personalized water bottles (this is so everyone can know which bottle is theirs). I got these bottles at target during the end of summer sale.

  10. Shout wipes – these came in a 10 pack.

  11. hand sanitizer – Bath and Body Works was having a 4 for 5 sale.

  12. Hair ties – I had these from when I worked at Claire’s.

  13. EOS sticks – these were from a 9 pack bought at Costco.

  14. Tylenol – these were bought at Target.

  15. Sunglasses – I had these left over from my wedding’s welcome bags.

For the Bride’s Swag bag –

  1. I added in a sash that I made. The instructions will be up later this week.

  2. Two veils. One was a srunchie with a veil and the other was an elastic headband with tulle added to the elastic on the back.

For Decorations:

  1. I bought cellophane warp from the Dollar Tree.

  2. Balloons came from Amazon and Target.

  3. The Champagne wall – for instructions on how to make that click here!

  4. Banner – this was a DIY project made from scrapbook paper, glitter, ribbon, Modge Podge, and a hot glue gun!

  5. Cricle banner – this was bought off of Amazon.

For the extras I brought 3 gallons of water, Gatorade, bottles of pressco, and a 30 cans of White Claw. For snacks, I also brought trail mix, granola bars, and popcorn. The cupcakes were topped with men’s silhouettes that were made using the Cricut, a hot glue gun, glitter card stock, and wooden skewers. I put the cupcakes on a cake stand to give it a more special vibe. The frame and matting was bought from Michael’s. I added the letters out of vinyl I cut from the Cricut and made them to match the shirts.

To make sure the hotel rooms would be clean from all of the decorations I packed 3 garbage bags, wet whips, and paper towels.

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